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Day of Week Time Location Live Stream
Saturday 5:00 PM Parish
Sunday 11:00 AM Parish
Monday thru Friday 6:45 AM Good Shepherd Chapel
Monday 7:00 PM Parish
Wednesday 7:00 PM Parish
Note: Every first Wednesday of the month Mass will be in the Chapel.
         Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

 Adoration Times

Day of Week Time Location Live Stream
Wednesday 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Parish
Note: Every first Wednesday of the month Adoration is not Livestreamed.
         Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

 Confession Times

Day of Week Time Location
Saturday 4:30 PM Parish
Sunday 10:30 AM Parish
Note: Also by appointment via e-mail or contacting the parish office at 813-626-7588.

 Private Prayer

Day of Week Time Location
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Parish
Saturday - Sunday 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Parish
Note: Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

 Wednesday Words



The news about the various vaccines available for the coronavirus is indeed good news. However, until we are able to reach a tipping point with vaccinations and the virus, the protocols issued by Bishop Parkes on June 15, 2020 remain in effect ( ENGLISH ). Until further notice from the Bishop, the measures of staying home if one feels sick or compromised, wearing masks, the regular washing/sanitizing of hands and the maintaining of social distances are still effective measures for the safety of one another.

 Pastor's Weekly Message

For the Weekend of March 7, 2021

Dear People of God,

This Sunday, the first scrutiny of the catechumens takes place throughout our diocese. We here at MHC continue to walk the journey to full communion that our catechumen has been on these past two years with prayerful, fraternal support. I give special thanks to Tony Marincovich and his RCIA team who have been so faithful in leading and directing our catechumens and elect here at MHC for these past years. Thank you for another job well done, in with and under the difficult and trying conditions that COVID-19 has created for us all.

This is one of those weeks, that because of the Scrutinies, the preacher has to provide a homily on Saturday evening with one set of readings, and a second homily on Sunday with a different set of readings.

On Saturday: The reading from John tells us of Jesus cleansing the temple from all that was not holy. Jesus did not simply lose His temper. It was hatred for sin and love for the sinner that drove Him to this holy wrath. Jesus did what he did to show His love for His Father, whose house they were in, and He loved the people enough to passionately rebuke the sin they were committing.

Reflect today about those parts of your life that Jesus wants top cleanse. Allow Him to speak directly and firmly to you so that you will be driven to repentance.

On Sunday: The story of a woman who meets Jesus at the well is recounted. The woman comes to the well at noon, in the heat of the day, so as to avoid the other women of her town for fear of encountering their judgment upon her, for she was a sinful person. Jesus speaks with her for a while and she is deeply touched by this casual but transforming conversation.

As we hear the story unfold, we need to reflect upon the undeniable thirst within each of us. Once we are aware of it, make the conscious choice to let Jesus satisfy that thirst with Living Water. If we do this, maybe we too will leave the many “jars” behind that never satisfy for very long.

Many thanks for all those who made the Lenten Retreat day the blessing that it was.

As usual please remember to pray for all of the Salesians in our presence here at MHC . . . especially those at St. Philip Residence. Be assured we will be doing the same for you.

Peace Always!

Fr. Steve Dumais, SDB.

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